A stone's throw away
Location: Bastion

Suggested level: 6

Unlocked by The Color of Truth

"A wealthy stonewright's manor hides the source of the conspiracy with the Grey Society."

  • Prologue
  • Making an Entrance
  1. Scale the wall: Leads to Gatehouse
  2. Use the dock: Leads to Cliffside Entrance
  3. Talk to Serryn: Unlocked with the Friend of the Spireguard distinction, leads to A Summons
  • Gatehouse
Enemy types: Lumyn guard
Leads to Courtyard
  • Cliffside Entrance
Enemy types: Society mercenary
Leads to Cellar and Workshop
  • Cellar and Workshop
Leads to Courtyard
  • A Summons
Leads to Courtyard
  • Courtyard
Enemy types: Drakeling pyrosaur, Dwarf wyvern, Halfmoon bear, Tatterdemalion
The enemies begin the challenge with the Staggered condition.
Leads to Manor House
  • Manor House
Enemy types: Animated armor
Leads to Tower
  • Tower
Enemy types: Mezoar bodyguard, Society alchemist, Society assassin
Leads to The Stonewright
  • The Stonewright
Leads to Society Matters
  • Society Matters
Leads to Epilogue

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