Ash and Ember
Ash and ember
A journey into the Ashenweald reveals the fate of the lost horns of the Dreamcallers.
Quest 2 of 3 in the Awakening arc
Vital statistics
Location Ashenweald's Edge
Suggested Level 2
Quest Progression
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The Last Dreamcaller The Scriptorium

Red indicates a battle. Green indicates treasure. Blue indicates a distinction.

Quest Outline


  • Leads to The Stepping Stones

The Stepping Stones

  • Leads to Ashenweald's Legacy

Ashenweald's Legacy

  • Leads to The Barrow

The Barrow

Attack them

  • Leads to Cornered

Ask about the horns

  • Leads to To the Valley 3

Intimidate them

  • Leads to To The Valley 2


  • Leads to To the Valley 1

To the Valley

Version 1

  • Leads to The Bark-Biters 1

Version 2

  • Leads to The Bark-Biters 1

Version 3

  • Leads to The Bark-Biters 2

The Bark-Biters

Version 1

  • The enemies get a surprise round before the players' first turn.
  • Leads to Finders Keepers

Version 2

  • The enemies start the challenge off-balance, without a surprise round, and closer to the players than in version 1.
  • Leads to Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers

  • Leads to Treasures in the Trash

Treasures in the Trash

Follow the map

  • Leads to Living Embers

Return to Bastion

  • Leads to Epilogue

Living Embers

  • Leads to Turning to Ash

Turning to Ash

  • Leads to Epilogue