Attack check decides how successful an attack is.


Following is the check formula:


Attacker's trait depends on what weapon or skill the character is using. Modifier can be boosted by weapons and/or abilities. On the other hand, enemy's modifier can be lowered by abilities such as Numbing Grasp. Defender uses Melee Dodge or Ranged Dodge instead of Trait+Level. Modifier still applies, although abilities such as Trow Wisdom does not apply to dodge score. Abilities such as Defensive Posture and Recover can increase dodge modifier.


When you make an attack in Conclave, your level of success affects on the potency of your attack. If you achieve normal success, you hit, and deal damage between the minimum possible and the midpoint of your damage range. For example, if you can deal 2-8 damage in general, you deal 2-5 with a normal hit (because 5 is the midpoint between 2 and 8). If you achieve solid success, you achieve a solid hit, and deal damage between the midpoint and maximum damage. In the example above, that would be 5-8 damage. If you achieve great success - a critical hit - you deal maximum damage, guaranteed. What's more, you give your target a condition from the table below:

Critical hitsEdit

Damage Type Condition
Acid None
Blunt Staggered
Cold Weakened
Edged Bleeding
Fire Burning
Poison Poisoned
Spirit Afraid

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