Skill with maces, flails, clubs, and other instruments of bruising and bashing. Masters of bludgeons can knock foes away from them, produce staggering strikes, and sweep their weapons through whole swaths of foes with a single blow.

The Bludgeon skill allows you to wield heavy blunt weapons that deal punishing amounts of damage. As you gain levels, you'll unlock new and more powerful abilities tied to the skill. Bludgeon checks depend on your Strength trait.

Archetype vanguard has this skill.

Related equipmentsEdit

Ancient Mace

Ball And Chain

Embershot Runehammer

Flanged Mace

Iron Mace

Iron Shod Cudgel



Ormengard Dross Hammer

Ormengard War Hammer

Rastahni Thonged Club

Soldier's Flail

Steel Mace

Throwing Hammer

Thunderous Hammer

Thunderous Maul

Related abilitiesEdit

See Category:Bludgeon Abilities

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