Bonds of sacrifice

Bonds of Sacrifice

Location: Havenweald

Suggested level: 7

Unlocked by Murmurs in the Deep

Unlocks Under the Eye of Yssa

"One of the great spirit-guardians of the Havenweald has succumbed to madness and must be restored-- or destroyed."

  • Prologue
  • The Duty of the Imyr Senn
Leads to The Hamadryads
  • The Hamadryads
Enemy types: Hamadryad
The players begin the challenge having taken three points of damage. The enemies get a surprise round before the players' first turn.
Leads to Forward or Back?
  • Forward or Back?
  1. Look for herbs: Unlocked with Lore, leads to Revived
  2. Share the Sight: Unlocked with True Sight, leads to Revived
  3. Press onward: Leads to Pressing Onward
  4. Turn back: Leads to Grumblings
  • Revived
Leads to Uprooted
  • Pressing Onward
Leads to Uprooted
  • Grumblings
Enemy types: Maddened bear
Leads to Pressing Onward
  • Uprooted
Enemy types: Inkwood scion, Meirwood scion
Leads to The Earthwarden
  • The Earthwarden
Enemy types: Earthwarden's spawn, Hand of the earthwarden
Leads to Restoration
  • Restoration
  1. Stop Briona: Leads to The Sacrifice
  2. Let Briona act: Leads to Unrestored
  • The Sacrifice
Unlocks the Restored the Earthwarden distinction at the end of the quest
Leads to Epilogue
  • Unrestored
Leads to Epilogue
  • Epilogue

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