Distinctions are special recognition that parties are granted depending on their story choices in a certain quests. There are seven distinctions that can be earned in Legacy of the Dweller, Conclave's first campaign.

Gaining DistinctionsEdit

Distinctions are an attribute of the party (including solo parties), not the individual character. If the majority of the party votes for a story choice that leads to a distinction in the quest and succeeds at any subsequent encounters, then the party is granted the applicable distinction.

Effect of DistinctionsEdit

Distinctions can do three things within the game: they can unlock distinction items for characters to obtain from the Vault of Arms, they can unlock story choices in subsequent quests, and they can also lock story choices in subsequent quests.

Removing DistinctionsEdit

Because distinctions are linked to the particular party that you are in, they can also be removed. To get rid of distinctions for a whole party, a character can leave a party and restart a new one, inviting all of the participants from the old party to rejoin them.  The newly-formed party will not have any distinctions. Similarly, a solo character can join a party and their distinctions will be set to match those of the party the character is joining, and if they drop out of the party their distinctions will be cleared.

List of DistinctionsEdit

Name Item unlocks Path unlocks
Mistshaper's favor
Mistshaper's Favor


Ring of Mists
Bottle of Mists
Rastanhi Drakedraught
Rastanhi Thonged Club
Rastahni Heavy Bow
Rastahni Fangblade

Located razorglass
Located Razorglass

(Ash and Ember)

Razorglass Caltrops
Razorglass Knife
Razorglass Glaive

Marked by the dweller
Marked by the Dweller

(In the Clutches of the Cult)

Fane of the Dweller
Under the Eye of Yssa
Delirium (locks path)

Friend of the spireguard
Friend of the Spireguard

(Fane of the Dweller)

Spireguard Truncheon
Spireguard Catchpike
Spireguard Longbow
Runewarded Bracers

Restored the earthwarden
Restored the Earthwarden

(Bonds of Sacrifice)

Slayer of the nithalgand
Slayer of the Nithalgand

(The Wilding)

Wurmsblood Elixir
Wurmshide Boots

Found the mogru dauth
Found the Mogru Dauth

(Thicker than Blood)

Amulet of the Mogru Dauth

Siege at Dur Thalia (locks and unlocks)

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