Honors are tied to the user account, rather than characters or parties. They are primarily obtained by completing the quest of the same name with one of the player's characters. There are also several special Honors granted for early game testing and participation in Conclave's Kicsktarter campaign.

List of HonorsEdit

Ash and Ember Beta Tester
The Last Dreamcaller Patron
Founder The Scriptorium
Chrysalite Restharrow
Rastanhi The Wreck of the Seamaid
The Undercourt Shades of Grey
The Still-Dreaming In the Clutches of the Cult
Fane of the Dweller Dead Sail
The Color of Truth Murmurs in the Deep
The Heresiarch's Apprentice A Stone's Throw Away
Bonds of Sacrifice Under the Eye of Yssa
Strange Bedfellows Keep on the Agenor
Thicker Than Blood The Wilding
Siege at Dur Thalia Delirium
Nightmare's Threshold The Pillar's Heart

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