Characters may come across an unidentified item in the story and decide to take it with them. These treasures are automatically identified upon visiting the Vault of Arms, and may be equipped like other equipment. They often grant special abilities, and have the additional benefit of not having a renown cost, so they may be equipped freely.

How to FindEdit

  • Treasure can only be found on certain quests.
  • You can't ever find more treasure items than your current level. If you're maxed out, you'll be able to find more treasure when you next level up.
  • Some treasures have archetype or trait requirements. If you don't meet the requirements, you won't encounter the particular items. 
  • Treasure is awarded randomly from among those items that can be found on the particular quest.
  • If you repeat quests, you can continue to get the other items that are available.

Note: the forum has a more complete list: distinctions and loot forum topic

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