Checks are the way that Conclave determines what happens when you or any other being in the game tries to perform an action where success is uncertain. Whenever you make an attack or use certain abilities, you perform a check.

A check always has a subject, which is the person or thing attempting to do something. Usually it also has an object, which is the person or thing being acted upon. If I attack you, I'm the subject and you are the object; if you try to Feint me, you are the subject and I'm the object. In each case, we compare some score of the subject's with a score of the objects. For example, if I try to hit you with my sword, I'm comparing my Attack score with the sword versus your Melee Dodge score.

Check ScoresEdit

Check scores are easy to calculate:

Trait + Level + Modifiers = Score

For example, if I need to make a Strength check, my score is my Strength plus my level, plus any modifiers that happen to apply right now.

If I'm making a skill check - say, we're checking my Persuasion - then my trait score is whatever trait is associated with the skill in question. For example, Persuasion is Insight-based, so my Insight would be used. In addition, if I don't have the skill in question, I take a -5 penalty to my score. As you'll see, that's a pretty big deal.

Occasionally, a check has no object: you are just, say, making a Lore check to see if you recall some important bit of knowledge. In that case, we generate an opposing score for "the world" or "the environment". This score equals your character's level + 5.

Check score differentialEdit

Once we have a score for both the subject and the object, we subtract the second from the first, to get a check score differential. Then we look up the score on the following table to see what your percentage chance is of getting at least normal, solid, or great success:

Differential Normal (%) Solid (%) Great (%)
-10 20 0 0
-9 20 0 0
-8 24 0 0
-7 31 1 0
-6 38 8 0
-5 45 15 0
-4 52 22 0
-3 59 29 0
-2 66 36 0
-1 73 43 3
0 80 50 10
+1 87 57 17
+2 94 64 24
+3 100 71 31
+4 100 78 38
+5 100 85 45
+6 100 92 50
+7 100 99 50
+8 100 100 50
+9 100 100 50
+10 100 100


Every time you make a check, you compare your score against your opponent's. The more you beat your opponent's score by, the better your chance of succeeding, as well as of getting a solid or great success.

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