Dead Sail
Dead sail
The pursuit of the Necromancers and the Steel Eye pirates leads to the Isles of Dusk.
Quest 3 of 4 in the The Cabal arc
Vital statistics
Location Isle of Dusk
Suggested Level 5
Quest Progression
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The Wreck of the Seamaid The Heresiarch's Apprentice

Red indicates a battle. Green indicates treasure.

Quest Outline


  • Leads to Cave of the Necrocephalid

Cave of the Necrocephalid

  • Leads to The Message

The Message

  • Leads to Over Land or Sea

Over Land or Sea

Sail to the Chisel

  • Leads to The Chisel 1

Find a land route

  • Leads to Smugglers' End

Smugglers' End

  • Leads to The Chisel 2

The Chisel

Version 1

  • The players start farther away from the enemies.
  • Leads to Ascent

Version 2

  • The players start the challenge closer to the enemies. There are no Lumyn pirates and all enemies start the challenge off-balance.
  • Leads to Ascent


  • Leads to The Goliath

The Goliath

  • Leads to Society Business

Society Business

Attack him

  • Leads to Parting of the Ways

Suggest a truce

  • Leads to Parting of the Ways

Parting of the Ways

  • Leads to Epilogue