Fane of the Dweller
Fane of the dweller
Followers of the Dweller in Dreams threaten havoc for the citizens of Bastion.
Quest 1 of 3 in the Seed of Nightmare arc
Vital statistics
Location Bastion
Suggested Level 5
Quest Progression
Previous Next
In the Clutches of the Cult Murmurs in the Deep

Red indicates a battle. Green indicates treasure. Blue indicates a distinction.

Quest Outline


  • Leads to Fire in the Market

Fire in the Market

Aid the Spireguard

  • Leads to The Fire-Beasts

Pursue the cult

  • Leads to Beneath the Refuge

The Fire-Beasts

  • Leads to Friend of the Spireguard

Friend of the Spireguard

  • Leads to Beneath the Refuge

Beneath the Refuge

  • Leads to The Excavation

The Excavation

  • Leads to The Sigil

The Sigil

Command the sigil

  • Leads to The Fane 1

Open the doors

  • Leads to The Fane 2

Strike the sigil

  • Leads to The Fane 3

Abjure the sigil

  • Leads to The Fane 4

The Fane

Version 1

  • Leads to The Seed

Version 2

  • Players start the challenge afraid.
  • Leads to The Seed

Version 3

  • More enemies appear.
  • Leads to The Seed

Version 4

  • Players start the challenge dazed.
  • Leads to The Seed

The Seed

  • he enemy takes a surprise round before the players' first turn.
  • Leads to The Seed Vanquished

The Seed Vanquished

  • Leads to Epilogue


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