Murmurs in the Deep
Murmurs in the deep
A chrysalite mine in the Northern Borderlands has gone silent, and the Council wishes to learn its fate.
Quest 1 of 3 in the Acts of Madness arc
Vital statistics
Location Northern Borderlands
Suggested Level 5
Quest Progression
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Fane of the Dweller Bonds of Sacrifice

Red indicates a battle.

Quest Outline


  • Leads to The Mine

The Mine

Move the rocks

  • Leads to Main Entrance

Break the boards

  • Leads to Side Entrance

Find the air shaft

  • Leads to Air Shaft

Main Entrance

  • Leads to Descent

Air Shaft

  • Uses the same map as Main Entrance. The players start the challenge closer to the enemies than on the Main Entrance map and having taken 2 points of damage. There are fewer enemies than in Main Entrance and they start the challenge off-balance.
  • Leads to Descent

Side Entrance

  • Enemies: Deeper Within


  • Leads to The Pillar

Deeper Within

  • Leads to The Pillar

The Pillar

  • Leads to A Blot on the Real

A Blot on the Real

  • Leads to The Real Restored

The Real Restored

  • Leads to Epilogue