The polearm expert understands how to wield all manner of long poled weapons, from glaives to halberds. Most polearm users prefer to keep their foes at a distance, striking well before the enemy can get close enough to strike back.

The Polearm skill allows you to wield a variety of melee weapons that can reach up to two squares away from you. As you gain levels, you'll unlock new and more powerful abilities tied to the skill. Polearm checks depend on your Strength trait.

Archetype beacon has this skill.

Related equipmentsEdit

Ancestral Glaive

Bronze Spetum

Ebon Glaive

Faelan Moonpole

Faelan Sunlance

Iron Bardiche

Iron Glaive

Iron Halberd

Iron Spetum

Razorglass Glaive

Spireguard Catchpike

Steel Bardiche

Steel Glaive

Steel Halberd

Steel Spetum

Related abilitiesEdit


All polearm weapons have 2-square range, and requires both hands.

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