Protection is reduction to damage taken. There are 8 kinds of protection. Protection does not lower chances of hits or critical hits. Protection does not reduce damage from conditions such as burning.

Specific kinds of protection also stack with physical protection. If you have 2 physical protection as well as 1 blunt protection, your damage from blunt attacks will be reduced by a total of 3.

8 kinds of protectionEdit

Physical ProtectionEdit

Physical protection

Physical Protection reduces the damage taken from all sources except for spirit damage. Many high-level enemies have high physical protection.

Blunt ProtectionEdit

Blunt protection

Blunt Protection reduces blunt damage.

Edged ProtectionEdit

Edged protection

Edged Protection reduces edged damage.

Acid ProtectionEdit

Acid protection

Acid Protection reduces acid damage.

Cold ProtectionEdit

Cold protection

Cold Protection reduces cold damage.

Fire ProtectionEdit

Fire protection

Fire Protection reduces fire damage. Few enemies have fire protection, and some are even immune to fire. Scions and the variations have negative fire protection.

Poison ProtectionEdit

Poison protection

Poison Protection reduces poison damage.

Spirit ProtectionEdit

Spirit protection
Spirit Protection reduces spirit damage. This is independent from physical protection.

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