Slavers have taken goblin-kin from a tribe that is friendly with the Conclave.
Quest 1 of 3 in the Mending Fences arc
Vital statistics
Location Rastanhi (The Near Warrens)
Suggested Level 3
Quest Progression
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Restharrow Strange Bedfellows

Red indicates a battle. Blue indicates a distinction.

Quest Outline


  • Leads to Mistshaper


  • Leads to The Ogre-Kin

The Ogre-Kin

Slip past

  • Leads to Fight at the Pits

Free the Ogre-kin

  • Leads to To Free the Ogre-Kin

Pose as buyers

  • Leads to Buyers & Sellers

Fight at the Pits

  • Leads to Kalkreath

To Free the Ogre-Kin

  • Leads to The Slave-Pits

Buyers & Sellers

  • Leads to The Slave-Pits

The Slave-Pits

  • Leads to Kalkreath


  • Players begin the challenge with the same health total they had at the end of Fight at the Pits. Players entering the challenge from The Slave-Pits begin at full health.
  • Leads to Reinforcements


  • Leads to Hunted


Leave the trail

  • Leads to Shelter of a Sort

Set an ambush

  • Leads to Turning the Tables

Turn and fight

  • Leads to Taking a Stand

Press on

  • Leads to Overtaken

Shelter of a Sort

  • Leads to Bear Stew

Bear Stew

  • Leads to The Return to Rastanhi

Turning the Tables

  • The enemies begin the challenge off-balance and with 5 points of damage taken.
  • Leads to The Return to Rastanhi

Taking a Stand

  • Leads to The Return to Rastanhi


  • Uses the same map as Taking a Stand, but the players start the challenge farther away from the enemies.
  • Leads to The Return to Rastanhi

The Return to Rastanhi

  • Leads to Epilogue