Runecarved Forgeborn
Level 3*
Runecarved forgeborn
StrengthStrength Unknown
AgilityAgility Unknown
Fortitude.Fortitude 7*
WillWill Unknown
InsightInsight Unknown
Secondary Stats
Health blue 26
Melee dodge blue Unknown
Ranged dodge blue Unknown
Physical protection blue 0 (see Stonesheath)
Blunt protection blue 0
Edged protection blue 0
Acid protection blue Unknown
Cold protection blue Unknown
Fire protection blue Unknown
Poison protection blue Unknown
Spirit protection blue Unknown

In-game descriptionEdit

"This forgeborn stands unusually tall and well-built, but his most remarkable feature is the Earth Rune carved into the skin of his chest and upper arms."





note: he has no innate phys protx, but he will always use stonesheath on his first turn, which grants 2 physical protection for the encounter

Kalkreath knows how to use an earth rune. no wussy tremors for him, no.

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