Skeletal archer
Level 3
Skeletal archer
StrengthStrength Unknown
AgilityAgility 6 or 7
Fortitude.Fortitude 3
WillWill Unknown
InsightInsight Unknown
Secondary Stats
Health blue 11
Melee dodge blue Unknown
Ranged dodge blue Unknown
Physical protection blue 1
Blunt protection blue Unknown
Edged protection blue Unknown
Acid protection blue Unknown
Cold protection blue Unknown
Fire protection blue Unknown
Poison protection blue Unknown
Spirit protection blue Unknown

In-game descriptionEdit

Unlike the unliving you've seen so far, this unfortunate creature has been stripped of its flesh enitrely. Though clothed in castoffs, its bones gleam a polished yellow-white, as if it has received recent attention.


The Heresiarch's Apprentice




notes: trial ongoing. agi is around 6-7. equipped with cured bow, seems to randomly choose between take aim and defpos for minor action, and only uses aimed shot at first opportunity, and then again when i went unnoticed/revealed again (its a 2/chal) Mister Mewtwo (talk) 06:46, August 21, 2013 (UTC)

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