Skeletal boggart
Level 2
Skeletal boggart
StrengthStrength <=4 (probably 3)
AgilityAgility Unknown
Fortitude.Fortitude 3
WillWill Unknown
InsightInsight Unknown
Secondary Stats
Health blue 10
Melee dodge blue Unknown
Ranged dodge blue Unknown
Physical protection blue 2*
Blunt protection blue Unknown
Edged protection blue Unknown
Acid protection blue Unknown
Cold protection blue Unknown
Fire protection blue Unknown
Poison protection blue Unknown
Spirit protection blue Unknown

In-game descriptionEdit

Most of the flesh has fallen from the animated form of this poor boggart. Its bones have been polished to a gleaming sheen, and you think you see sigils carved into them as well.


The Heresiarch's Apprentice




notes: 2 damage redux vs edged when tested, wearing a leather cuirass (1 PP) skeletal may have innate protection, or edged protection, or something. check other damage types. immune to poison and bleeding. equipped with steel shortsword as weapon Mister Mewtwo (talk) 06:40, August 21, 2013 (UTC)

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