Skeletal halberdier
Level 3
Elite skeletal polearmer
StrengthStrength Unknown
AgilityAgility Unknown
Fortitude.Fortitude 3
WillWill Unknown
InsightInsight Unknown
Secondary Stats
Health blue 11
Melee dodge blue Unknown
Ranged dodge blue Unknown
Physical protection blue 4
Blunt protection blue Unknown
Edged protection blue Unknown
Acid protection blue Unknown
Cold protection blue Unknown
Fire protection blue Unknown
Poison protection blue Unknown
Spirit protection blue Unknown

In-game descriptionEdit

With flesh rendered from bone, it's difficult to tell the original race - Kin or Wilderkin - of this well-armored, polearm-wielding skeleton.


The Heresiarch's Apprentice




notes: equipped with iron hauberk, iron halberd, leather cuirass -- supposing an enemy can break the matrix and wear two body items, this accounts for the 4 physical protection, though alternatively, it might be equipped with the 3PP iron hauberk and supplement that with the supposed innate 1PP that most undead tend to have... and the leather cuirass could be a typo or something. Mister Mewtwo (talk) 03:25, August 22, 2013 (UTC)

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