The Color of Truth
The color of truth
The search for a peacekeeper's murderers uncovers a conspiracy in Rats' Refuge.
Quest 2 of 3 in the Low Society arc
Vital statistics
Location Bastion
Suggested Level 6
Quest Progression
Previous Next
The Undercourt A Stone's Throw Away

Red indicates a battle.

Quest Outline


  • Leads to Entering the Apothecary

Entering the Apothecary

Break in

  • Leads to Breaking In

Pick the lock

  • Leads to Sneaking In

Ask the Naraak

  • Leads to Dropping In

Breaking In

  • The enemies get a surprise round before the players' first turn. The players begin dazed.
  • Leads to Underground Passage

Sneaking In

  • Uses the same map and set-up as Breaking In without the penalties of the surprise round and being dazed.
  • Leads to Underground Passage

Dropping In

  • Uses the same map and set-up as Breaking In, but the players begin the challenge in the opposite corner of the map from their position in Breaking In (which gives them a more defensible position) and the enemies begin the challenge with the Dazed condition.
  • Leads to Underground Passage

Underground Passage

Chase her

  • Leads to The Hideout 1

Follow cautiously

  • Leads to The Hideout 2

The Hideout

Version 1

  • Players being the challenge farther away from the enemies.
  • Leads to Upper Room

Version 2

  • Players begin the challenge much closer to the enemies.
  • Leads to Upper Room

Upper Room

  • Leads to The Blank Seal

The Blank Seal

  • Leads to Epilogue


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