Nightmare's threshold
Location: Bastion

Suggested level: 10

Unlocked by Nightmare's Threshold

Unlocks Conclusion

"The only hope of defeating the Dweller in Dreams lies within the Nightmare realm growing beneath Bastion."

  • Prologue
  • The Expedition
  1. Allow his sacrifice: Leads to Bridge version 1
  2. Prevent his sacrifice: Leads to Bridge version 2
  • Bridge
Enemy types: Eyecrawler , Gaper , New seed
In version 2, the players begin the challenge closer to the enemies, and there are more enemies at the start of the challenge.
Leads to Inversion
  • Inversion
Enemy types: Carnelian goliath , Jade sentinel
Leads to Reversion
  • Reversion
Enemy types: Eyecrawler , Will burrower
The players begin the challenge with the Staggered condition.
Leads to Echoes of the Past
  • Echoes of the Past
Enemy types: Ghostly guardian , Reemergent seed, Seed Shard
Leads to The Heart
  • The Heart
Leads to An Unexpected Meeting
  • An Unexpected Meeting
Leads to Epilogue
  • Epilogue

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