The Scriptorium
The secret to attunement lies within the ruins of Dur Thomen.
Quest 3 of 3 in the Awakening arc
Vital statistics
Location Dur Thomen and Dur Thalia
Suggested Level 2
Quest Progression
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Ash and Ember Restharrow,

The Still-Dreaming


Red indicates a battle. Green indicates treasure.

Quest Outline


  • Leads to Entrance Hall

Entrance Hall

  • Leads to A Shriek in the Dark

A Shriek in the Dark

Pursue the figure

  • Leads to Great Hall 1

Descend the stairs

  • Leads to Great Hall 2

Great Hall

Version 1

  • Players start farther away from enemies.
  • Leads to Barricade

Version 2

  • Players start closer to enemies.
  • Leads to Barricade


Move the barricade

  • Leads to Smithy

Continue on

  • Leads to Descent into the Scriptorium


  • Leads to Return to Dust

Return to Dust

  • Leads to Descent into the Scriptorium

Descent into the Scriptorium

  • Leads to The Inscription

The Inscription

  • Leads to Arrested Ascent

Arrested Ascent

  • Leads to Into the Light

Into the Light

  • Leads to Epilogue