The Scriptorium
A group claims to have found a way to restore the dreams of the people of Bastion.
Quest 1 of 3 in the Seed of Nightmare arc
Vital statistics
Location Bastion
Suggested Level 3
Quest Progression
Previous Next
The Scriptorium In the Clutches of the Cult,
The Undercourt

Red indicates a battle.

Quest Outline


  • Leads to A New Recruit

A New Recruit

Force an entrance

  • Leads to Forcing the Issue

Find a back way

  • Leads to In the Sewers

Bluff the guards

  • Leads to The Eye 3

Forcing the Issue

  • Leads to The Eye 1

In the Sewers

  • Leads to The Eye 2

The Eye

Version 1

  • There is no Still-Dreaming Guard in this challenge. The player in the center position of the party formation begins on a fear-inducing aura.
  • Leads to The Nave

Version 2

  • The players start the challenge farther away from the enemies and there is no Fleshstrider or Still-Dreaming Guard.
  • Leads to The Nave

Version 3

  • The players start the challenge in the same position as in Version 2, and there is no Fleshstrider or Cult Recruit. The Still-Dreaming Guard starts adjacent to the players.

The Nave

  • Leads to Epilogue


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