The Wilding
The wilding
The land itself has turned against the inhabitants of a village at the edge of the Gnarled Swamp.
Quest 2 of 3 in the Harbingers of War arc
Vital statistics
Location Southern Borderlands
Suggested Level 8
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Keep on the Agenor Siege at Dur Thalia

Quest OutlineEdit


The TainEdit

  • Leads to Village Square

Village SquareEdit

Into the SwampEdit

Leads to Overgrown Hill

Overgrown HillEdit

  1. Enter the hill: Leads to Hibernaculum
  2. Climb to the bower: Leads to Bower version 1


  1. Attack it: Leads to Roar of the Wurm
  2. Leave it be: Leads to The Verdant Path

Roar of the WurmEdit

Keepers of the WurmEdit

The Verdant PathEdit


The NithalgandEdit

Return to ThelimbasEdit

  • Leads to Epilogue


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