The Wreck of the Seamaid
A shipwreck off the northern coast holds an unexpected cargo.
Quest 2 of 4 in the The Cabal arc
Vital statistics
Location The Bastion Coast
Suggested Level 4
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Restharrow Dead Sail

Red indicates a battle. Green indicates treasure.

Quest Outline


  • Leads to Ashore


Bribe them

  • Leads to The Wreck 1

Fight them

  • Leads to Battle on the Shore

Intimidate them

  • Leads to Not So Brave After All

Scare them off

  • Leads to When You Put It That Way...

Battle on the Shore

  • Leads to The Wreck 1

Not So Brave After All

  • Leads to The Wreck 2

When You Put It That Way...

  • Leads to The Wreck 2

The Wreck

Version 1

  • The players start farther away from the enemies.
  • Leads to A Proper Burial

Version 2

  • The players start closer to the enemies.
  • Leads to The Tide Turns

The Tide Turns

  • The players begin the challenge with the same health level as they had at the end of The Wreck 2.
  • Leads to A Proper Burial

A Proper Burial

  • Leads to Chyddam


Entice him

  • Leads to The Price of Information

Buy a round

  • Leads to In the Drink


  • Leads to Brawl

The Price of Information

  • Leads to The Balteus

In the Drink

  • Leads to Brawl


  • Enemies: Bad for Business

Bad for Business

  • Leads to The Balteus

The Balteus

  • Leads to Epilogue


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