use this page to organize wiki activity. post a headline for whatever you are working on or would like to see done. if you see a submission that you would like to work on, note the fact by typing "working--[signature]" at the end so that others can avoid redundancy and focus on other submissions. when you've completed something, italicize the submission and type "completed" at the end, and move it to the bottom of the category to which it belongs.


  • make the instructions to this page a little more clear
  • figure out if watercooler is already what this page is for.



  • either the template or the popular format needs to include a space for equipment and condition immunities
  • The Heresiarch's Apprentice, fort, str, level, hp and abilities of monsters encountered by solo player -- complete
  • true bow with ashenweld bow, find out if fire immunity on enemies such as cauma is damage reduction, using find the center vs a normal attack--Find the Center only reduces physical protection--complete

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