Under the Eye of Yssa
As the Aegis continues to weaken, the Quire hears echoes of another source of Concordance.
Quest 1 of 3 in the Ghosts of the Sundering arc
Vital statistics
Location Northern Borderlands
Suggested Level 8
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Bonds of Sacrifice Delirium

Quest outlineEdit


Into the EyeEdit

  • Leads to Half-Drowned


  • Enemy types: Water spirit
  • The players begin the challenge having taken 5 points of damage and with the staggered condition.
  • Leads to Ruins of the Past

Ruins of the PastEdit

The Duty-BoundEdit

The Last BattleEdit

  • Leads to The Ghost's Challenge

The Ghost's ChallengeEdit

  1. Be honest: Leads to The Chosen
  2. Refuse: Leads to The Chosen
  3. Bluff: Unlocked with Persuasion, leads to The Chosen
  4. Show her the mark: Unlocked with Marked by the Dweller, leads to The Chosen

The ChosenEdit

  • Leads to Yssa's Gift

Yssa's GiftEdit

  • Leads to The Hunters

The HuntersEdit

  • Enemy types: Hypnotic eye, Harrowing Eye (in multiplayer battles)
  • The enemies get a surprise round before the players' first turn.
  • Leads to The Thorn

The ThornEdit

  • Leads to The Sundering

The SunderingEdit

  • Leads to Epilogue


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